Curated Amazon Product List

This list presents hardware that has been tested and used, or is currently used by our staff with their Wii hardware.

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SD Cards and Readers





Component to HDMI

Do you have your component cable? If so, you’ll want one of these as they will allow you a great quality video conversion. My setup includes the higher cost option:

Component Cable

If you don’t here are some known working options.

Wii2HDMI, or The Lowest Cost Option

Two brands, two prices, two options. I own one piece of crap, and I believe u/GuitaristTom might be cursed with another. Oh yeah, if you buy one of these, I hope you like farts(ask me if you dare).

I’ve also included a third alternative, supplied by u/DerpMaster2, and it’s at least a reputable brand name.

A side note from me channeling u/WiiExpertise

I’ve included three very low cost and controversial options to allow you to plug your Wii into an HDMI device.

Wii2HDMI, while they might suit your need, are low-grade electronic garbage. The one I own worked fine for my desktop Wii. Once I started wanting to record my Wii, it was no where close to adequate. I had to return it once due to faulty soldering and the first one falling apart.

You’ve been warned. Having said that, it’s still in this list.

Controllers, chucks and Wiimotes

Hard Drives

Internal 2.5 Inch

Internal 3.5 Inch

External Hard Drive Enclosures

2.5” SATA USB 3.0

3.5” EIDE USB 2.0

USB to Ethernet

Testing and working by a member of our staff:

USB Hub for Wii Mini

USB 3.0 HDMI Capture


Replacement Parts


If you plan on recording or live streaming, this list is for you.