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Sites that host mostly old blogs related to Wii modding.

Repo Users

These are the user accounts on repo sites like Github and SourceForge for users that are known to contribute to the Wii Homebrew scene.

Youtube Channels

These are YouTube channels of content creators known to create Wii-related content. You might have to search through their sites for Wii specific content.

  • Chris Smith - Newo Asteroids, WiiColEm, WiiMednafen, WiirtualBoy

  • Denver Gamer - Giveaways, Game Reviews, Walk-throughs, Emulation, Soft-modding, Hard-modding, Cheats, and anything else gaming!!!

  • Jack Sorrell - Nintendo tutorials and Homebrew shenanigans

  • Modern Vintage Gamer - Tech, Hardware, Gaming

  • Newer Team - Official channel for Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii and Newer Super Mario Bros. DS!

  • Tech James - I upload clean and easy to follow homebrew tutorials.