Moderator rules are fully public and can be viewed by any user of r/WiiHacks. If you suspect that any moderator is in violation of a rule, please report it to the top active moderator.

Top Active Moderator

The current top active moderator is /u/BloodyThorn.

If there is anything that needs immediate attention, please direct requests towards them. If this changes the moderators and community will be notified.


One of our goals is to keep this forum enjoyable and available to as many people as we can. The following ruleset was created with that in mind.

We appreciate your help with /r/WiiHacks. The moderator position is voluntary, but with it there is some responsibility.

  1. Moderators are required to know the rules. They should be monitoring the Wiki for any changes so they can be kept up to date.

  2. All rules that apply to patrons apply to moderators. No exception.

  3. You determine your own involvement level.

    If all you want to do is participate in the same way before you were a mod, that’s fine. You are welcome to walk away at anytime, no hard feelings. If you chose to be responsible for something, you’re only asked to keep up with it and hand it off responsibly.

  4. Using your status as a moderator to intimidate, threaten, garner or give favor will get your mod removed.

  5. Every moderator action you take that allows you to document, must be documented.

    Excessive actions with no documentation will get your mod removed. Actions like post removal need to be accompanied with an explanation to OP as to why their post is being removed at minimum.

  6. Stay responsive. Currently reddit mail, /r/wiihacks modmail, and discord are the only official forms of communication for the moderation of the subreddit.

    Moderators that are unresponsive in a reasonable amount of time to direct requests run the risk of being removed as dead-weight. It would be much safer to add you back later if it is a mistake, than run the risk of a dead account sitting with moderator access to the forum.

    If you plan on leaving for a prolonged duration, just make sure the active top mod knows.

Removal Templates

Please make sure you are using the templates on removal actions.

Questions or Concerns

If there are any questions are concerns send a modmail, the top active mod, or please direct them to /u/BloodyThorn as needed.