Rules for r/WiiHacks Users

Posting Guidelines can be found here.

  1. Be Civil

  2. No Spam

    • Bots that serve no real function and annoy users.
    • Posts that are selling something.
    • Anything that classifies as spam.
  3. No Piracy

    • Any post or comment asking for or providing help in obtaining pirated software in any form will be removed.
    • Any post or comment discussing piracy.
    • Direct links, site names, subreddit names, search engines, and private chat requests all apply.
  4. No Low-Effort Posts

    Help Requests and Questions:

    • Needs to be Wii Related.
    • Needs to have an accurate and brief post title. The title must summarize the description contained in the body.
    • Needs to include all relevant information regarding the issue. Software used, syscheck, hardware used, what you have installed on your SD/USB, tutorials, in almost all cases. If any of these requirements requires you to violate rule #3, then please take your question to a community that will allow it.
    • Must be more than just a video or a picture. It needs a description.
    • Must not be hard to read.
    • No “what do I do next?” questions.
    • “What software do you recommend?” posts will only be allowed if one hasn’t occurred recently. Search the subreddit.
    • No questions addressed by our recommended guide, F.A.Q., or DDG/Google search.
    • Do not ask for someone else to do something for you.
    • Issues that have a high volume must include a detailed amount of information in them.

    Any other post qualifying as low-effort may be removed.

    • Reposts are currently not allowed. Original posts only.

Removals, Bans and Circumventing Bans

  • Any rule violation can result in your post being removed, or you being banned depending on the context of the violation.

  • Continually violating a rule will get you banned.

  • All spambots will be banned permanently.

  • Users who have convinced the majority of the modstaff that they are a direct threat to the community for any reason will be one of the only times a Redditor is permanently banned from the subreddit.

  • Reddit’s policy on circumventing bans.

  • All bans, even permabans will be periodically evaluated. So no ban is truly permanent.


  • If you have questions regarding the rules or bans, please feel free to message the moderators via modmail.

Moderator Rules