I wanted to outline what I do to actively moderate the subreddit so I can get a scope of what needs more automation.

Watch Comments

Check The Mod Queues

  • You can read the official help here. Below are my musings on the optimum state for each queue.

  • For monitoring the queues, the new reddit mod screen is the best. I still tend to switch back and forth between it and the old reddit modqueue page.

  1. Mod Queue -> A Throw-all

    • This is a queue with items that are needing action, minus ones that appear in the Unmoderated Queue. Auto-removals, reports, spam. Once it is resolved it will disappear.

    • It’s optimal that this queue is empty.

  2. Reports -> User reports

    • These are generated when anyone clicks the ‘report’ button. Once it is resolved it will disappear. Check to make sure the report is accurate and take appropriate action.

    • It’s optimal that this queue is empty.

  3. Spam -> All removed messages

    • Removed posts and replies will remain in this folder.

    • Posts and replies that are removed by mistake can be approved and ones that are removed correctly can be marked and documented properly.

    • Posts and replies remain in this queue when removed for any reason.

    • Determine if it indeed spam or rightfully removed. If so put a reason and address a user breaking the rules in the subreddit.

    • If it was something that was removed as spam or by the auto-mod that shouldn’t have, approve it so it gains visibility.

    • Addressed removals will have a removal reason (hover over to see on new reddit), have the flair changed to ‘Removed’, and the user is made aware of why the post was removed.

    • I’ve been using the removal reason templates exclusively, which automatically do two of the three things needed to address a post/reply.

    • Optimal queue contains only posts that have been rightfully removed with documented reason for removal.

  4. Edited -> post/reply edits

    • “The functionality of the edited queue is the same as your main mod queue but only shows content that has been edited.”

    • I’m not sure I’ve found a use for this yet. I almost never look at this.

  5. Unmoderated -> New posts that are unapproved

    • Anytime a new post is made, it generates an entry in this queue. If you click on the ‘Approve’, it removes it. It’s a way to ensure every post has been inspected by a mod.

    • Every post should be inspected to make sure it meets posting guidelines and doesn’t break any forum rules. If so, approve and flair it properly.

    • Optimal queue is empty.

Check old posts

  • Posts that are tagged question or issue older than 7 days with no activity need to be changed to abandoned, or solved/answered if they have been.

  • Best way to do this is in an old-reddit search.

  • Learning how to use the reddit search is strongly advised.

  • Please note that you can search on the key name of data in the search bar: (flair_name:”Question” AND subreddit:WiiHacks AND author:BloodyThorn) -> This search will bring up all posts flaired “Question” in WiiHacks, posted by me. You can leave the ‘AND’ out, but any other boolean must be specified.

  • Change the sort to ‘new’ and hit page down until there is no more to scroll to. Each post that is over limit should be inspected.